Monday, November 18, 2019

Time to Snow

Mid November is here. Temperature is freezing here in London. Hands are getting frozen in this cooler weather. There would be snow quite soon. We all love this season. The beauty of snowflakes when they fall down. All covered in white layer of snow seems like being painted in white, all over the globe. But the painter is God. And He loves to draw white one in winter. Such a great painter, He is. Snow is one of His blessings too which gives us another chance to admire His canvas of colours.
Get ready folks, wear long booties, warm coats, woolen gloves, and cashmere scarfs. Stock up some good music and enjoy this snowy winter.
Shelf up some of your favourite novels to read sitting by fireplace. My favourites are many. Teresa Driscoll is on top of this list. Yes, Stephen King is placed on number one. After comes Mark Edwards, No. 1 best seller author in psychological thrillers. Currently I’m reading his novel ‘Here To Stay’ which is just £1 on kindle.
Best thriller novel I ever came across. Do go and get one copy. You won’t regret this pound. And let me know in comments section. How did you find this novel? Interesting or not so.

Happy Snowy Frost guys!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hello November!

Chill, chill, and so much chill guys. November is here. Month of collecting up fall leaves 🍁 down the trees. Our paths are filled with lots of golden, yellow, orange and red leaves. This is my favourite time of the year, when I get to watch a banquet of different rainbow colours. They seem so beautiful. Wind throws them all around us with it’s bony arms. Some come on our faces during walks, others are crust up underneath our shoes. Charich, Charich, Charich. Sound of dying leaves just adds up another tone to winter music.

Soon, would be more cold, frosty, and days would be more shorter. Time to cushion up indoors. Find some activities indoors to keep yourself busy. Reading and writing is a good habit though, which keeps you excited and entertained during freezing season. List up some good movies 🎥  to watch on your home cinema. You’d love watching them when nothing to do much.

And then, there are some other things to do as well. Go walks in cold, you’d fall in love with the beauty of nature, I assure you. Do give it a go. And let me know in comments section. How much you liked those frozen walks? Till then, I’m getting ready to go on my walk of the day.

Bless you all!