Friday, October 4, 2019

Fall has arrived

Time to catch up one of your favourite book, grab a cup of hot coffee and squat on your comfortable chair. Look outside in your window to see every leaf of your garden tree to fall on the wet grass.. October is certainly a month of fall, rainy days, pumpkin parties and play a scary week of Halloween. This is also a good one to pack your summer clothes up far inside the cupboards. Get some new trendy winter clothes to enjoy winter of 2019.
I’m in love with all the seasons of nature but autumn is my most favourite one. I admire the beauty of trees in fall season when they wear golden layer of leaves and colour up our earth with their magnificent gold beauty of nature.

What are your thoughts about fall? How do you like to spend your fall season? Please do contribute to let me know your autumn season ideas.

Nikki Khan
A Painter of words!

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