Petrified of Icy Snowflakes

These snowflakes which look like snow balls and it seems very beautiful all earth covered with white. But it brings death as well for newly born flowers and trees.Yet, it looks like cold blooded winter doesn’t want to leave us alone and wants to keep everything under it’s shadow for longer.
Nature was getting ready to born again, but this freezing snow brought devil of death for them which faded all spring again.
Death which is famous for it’s power and no one has ever escaped of it’s bloody grip.At the moment, death is prevailing over freshly born flowers in order to enjoy their feast.Death loves the scent of these beautiful flowers and eating them is her favourite hobby to do.
Flowers are so scared of it as they don’t want to die like this, they wanted to survive and enjoy the love of new life in the air.They wanted to enjoy singing of birds around them.They wanted to enjoy the spell of dew drops on them.They wanted to feel the romance around them.
But alas! death is lingering behind and doesn’t seem to leave them alone.She wants to taste their freshness and making herself strong again with such a tasty fresh food.
But flowers won’t let death win this time and they will find a way out of her.They will pray, yes pray, to save them from this horny beast.
And yes, God listens when you call Him, remember not to lose hope no matter how bad is your situation.
This is how these spring snowflake flowers will find a way out through hope and prayer.
Remember to be positive and never lose hope my friends.
God Bless you all.


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