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When flowers bloom

Spring is at it’s peak by end of March, flowers are dancing with joy and warm air is making them sing along singing birds who are enjoying this new season.But Miss Megpy is sad this spring because her beloved daughter Elisabeth is not with her anymore.But something happens which changes her greif into joy and pleasure.Please join me to find out:

5 Reasons to believe Trump is a Fascist

Donald Trump is the first President of America who has been hated so much because of his anti-nations comments and his authoritarian nature.History will remember him with Hitler and his name would be written in golden words for dividing communities.Give a read through my article to find out more.Trump is a Fascist

We Must Care!

My heart aches for those who I find everyday sitting by side of the road, wearing shaggy clothes, possessing absolutely nothing, asking for a penny to help them.We Must Care!

Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 4

King of black shadows has gripped whole Thompsons house, there seems to be no way out for Mrs Sarah and her friend Tania, a soul talker. Let’s find out what happens next?Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 4

Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 3

Sophia is shaking like hell with effect of those evil powers.Sophia's father Adam is so desperate to save her girl that he forgets all the manners and blames Sarah Thompsons for Sophia's situation.Both parents want to save their precious daughter but don't know a way out.
Shall we try to find some far-out?

Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 2

Poor little girl is in grip of black powers which won't let her go.Thompsons house is under demons influence.Sophia's mum tries to revert the dark effect by spreading magic dust of all times around Sophia's room but forgets the lines to get the white powers work to retreat evils.
Shall we help her out to save her only child?

Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 1

A story of little girl called Sophia Thompsons who is a special God gifted child but there are some evil forces who are lurking behind in order to use her for dark purposes.Shall we try to fight back those black powers?
Please do join me to find out more about shadows of dark covering Thompsons house.
God bless you all.

Petrified of Icy Snowflakes

These snowflakes which look like snow balls and it seems very beautiful all earth covered with white. But it brings death as well for newly born flowers and trees.Yet, it looks like cold blooded winter doesn’t want to leave us alone and wants to keep everything under it’s shadow for longer.
Nature was getting ready to born again, but this freezing snow brought devil of death for them which faded all spring again.
Death which is famous for it’s power and no one has ever escaped of it’s bloody grip.At the moment, death is prevailing over freshly born flowers in order to enjoy their feast.Death loves the scent of these beautiful flowers and eating them is her favourite hobby to do.
Flowers are so scared of it as they don’t want to die like this, they wanted to survive and enjoy the love of new life in the air.They wanted to enjoy singing of birds around them.They wanted to enjoy the spell of dew drops on them.They wanted to feel the romance around them.
But alas! death is lingering behin…