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Rebirth of life: Spring Arrives

When I go out for a daily walk everyday to my nearest park.I love to sit on a old wooden rustic bench right in front of cherry blossom trees.This is end of Fabruary now and spring is starting at the beginning of March.A season of new life and freshness for everyone.Nature is once again ready to showcase it’s beauty of flowers, scents and a sense of love to us.
There is new life in the air and these trees have sensed it pretty much before any plant or tree.They have already started the rebirth process.I can see little flowers buds on all the trees which are ready to blossom in next some days.My love are these cherry blossoms, cannot wait for them to bloom and I want to sense life again through them. This rebirth of new season gives us hope that there is beginning of new life at the end of another one.So never lose hope, if you remain positive and keep fighting with hope, then one day you will succeed and will overcome your miseries.God will reward you then with new phase of life which …

Painting of words

Words painting is a craft like any other art.Like a painter, a writer paints a beautiful picture using lots of amazing words together.This picture constitutes many shades of life.Different colours of life are used to get a great story.
I love words and their painting in order go get a wonderful canvas full of life and truths of life.
A writer has a huge responsibility over his shoulder to refelect all the colours of society.White colour of good, black for bad and red for sins.
I would try my best to teach good things through my posts and stories.