Family is so Precious!

Always love your family,
never look around.
Beware of being distracted,
only love keeps you strong and connected.

Children grow up so quickly,
these moments won't return back.
But such memories will fill up your limbs with joy,
one day when you'd explore past again.

One day would come to feel the pain,
the misery of old age would occupy your soul.
There won't be any escape,
Yes those esteemed treasures would calm you up.

Remember to stop for once,
and sneak into such valued things.
To gather some jewels of time,
to entertain you in alone and sad nights.

Cherish the beauty of love and kindred,
which gives you more strength in hard hours.
A smile on the lips of your beloved minor,
makes you forget all the pain at once.

Keep this heart alive and beating,
face the pitfalls with a soulful mind.
Don't forget to look into eyes of your little ones,
to let your inner self adored with roses of pretty beams.

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